NY-based Brazilian-Texan design entrepreneur and lawyer focused on design, real estate and digital projects

Grace Cottage | Renovation & Rental Prep in Maine
Kingston Social Club | Potential Hotel Project
Rebranding Pot | New Book Project
Harlem Paladar | Pop-up Restaurant
Olivebridge Cottage | Digital Storytelling + Renovation
Favelization Post-Publication Updates
Interview | CoolHunting
Street Art Exhibit | Magic City
Favelization Digital Strategy
#NewTerritoriesLab | Museum of Arts and Design
Museum Exhibit Digital Strategy | New Territories Lab
Pecha Kucha | Latin American Designers
Panel | Guto Requena + Sebastian Errazuriz
Mad Men Modernism
Central Park Bike Rental RFP
National Maker Faire
Art Futures Lecture Series
Lecture | Virginia Commonwealth University
Lecture | Zona Maco Mexico Arte Contemporaneo
Curatorial | Pinta Design
Curatorial | Semana Carlos Motta
Jones New York's Little Black Book of Career Advice
Interview | Culturalite
Interview | Damsels in Design
Emerging Brazilian Artists
Brazilian Art Immersion Program
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